KZOO Spartans Co-Ed Indoor Soccer Team!

The KZOO Spartans are attempting to field an Adult CO-ED Indoor Soccer Team.

This team will be playing for fun.

– 8 Game/Week Season
– Season Starts February 16th
– Games should be either Thursday or Friday evenings (possible Mondays)
– Playing at the Kingdom Sports Complex in Portage, MI

We need to have 6 women and 9 men
(+1 goalkeeper)
on the roster to field a team.

The league requires a minimum of 2 women on the field at all times. If we have 6 women and 9 men on the roster, we can have 3 lines of rotation. 3 lines of rotation are key for the pace of play in adult indoor soccer.

League fees should be somewhere around $50 per person. KZOO Spartan ‘Jerseys’ are $20 each. You already have a ‘jersey’ if you played on the KZOO Spartans Softball team. Total cost per player should max out around $70.

MSU Alumni, Friends & Students are welcome to join the team! You do not have to be an MSU Alumni to play.

For more details call Sean McHugh at 269-998-1549.


DO YOU WANT TO PLAY? E-mail us at

The sooner you respond the sooner we can put the team together. GO GREEN!