About the KZOO Spartans

The KZOO Spartans are an independent support club for
Michigan State University
and the Michigan State University Alumni Association

In Kalamazoo County and Southwest Michigan: to support the interests and provide for the needs of Michigan State University, the Michigan State University Alumni Association, the Spartan Fund, other MSU organizations and MSU Students.
The KZOO Spartans provide an environment focused on membership expansion, experiences, and friendships. The focus of the club is to provide an avenue for members to enjoy all aspects of Michigan State University in Kalamazoo County and Southwest Michigan. Our goal is to build member relationships through support of MSU initiatives, programs, and hosting events.
The KZOO Spartans is a non-profit organization that supports local charities and scholarships for students (in need) to attend Michigan State University.
The KZOO Spartans Membership consists of Alumni, Friends and Students of Michigan State University.
There are no fees and anyone can join the KZOO Spartans as long as they support Michigan State University, enjoy MSU related events and activities, are willing to share their MSU experience with others, and have the desire to have fun!

KZOO Spartans (MSU Alumni Club of Kalamazoo County)