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KZOO Spartans (Michigan State University Alumni Club of Kalamazoo)
Participating in the KZOO Spartans has benefits of its own. As a local organization of alumni, friends and students of MSU, we are an extension of MSUAA that provides our members an opportunity to build friendships, network and receive news updates from East Lansing. If you pay annual dues or are a life time member of MSUAA, you are automatically a member in your local or regional alumni club. There are no fees to join the KZOO Spartans.

Whether you join via the MSUAA or directly to the KZOO Spartans, please complete the following information and click “Submit” to ensure you are on our local club e-mail listing and receive information about upcoming local events. This information is kept confidential and is for club use only.

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Michigan State University Alumni Association (MSUAA)
When you join the MSU Alumni Association you join a worldwide network of Spartans helping Spartans. The MSU AA provides a wide variety of career and educational services that are second-to-none. Whether you go around the corner or across the globe, Spartans are there to help you launch a career, get settled, save money, learn something new, reinvent yourself, retire or find a friend. Get Connected!

Membership in the MSUAA offers a multitude of benefits. The national organization offers travel services, career services, discount programs, an alumni directory and much more. A portion of your dues to the national organization are distributed to your local chapter to help support local events and activities.

Why join the MSUAA?

  • It’s a pride thing
  • Seriously, what else can you get for less than 13 cents a day
  • Membership improves our competitive advantage
  • Get 3 memberships for the price of 1
  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Your Spartan connection
  • Career Services
  • Save BIG on benefits
  • Your membership dues may be 100% tax deductible
  • It’s the right thing to do

As former MSU President John A. Hannah once said, “Up until this time, Michigan State University could have disclaimed you, and you could have withdrawn from the university at any time. But when the university issues your diploma to you, it places an indelible stamp of approval on you, and you become a part of this university forever.”

For more information on MSU Alumni Association memberships, CLICK HERE!

KZOO Spartans (MSU Alumni Club of Kalamazoo County)